Heads up Rainer Kempe

Millions on the Line

For 2018, the Super High Roller Bowl® will be held May 27-30. Check back often for details.

In 2017, the Super High Roller Bowl had an expanded field of 56 entrants each putting forth $300,000. This year it will draw a jaw-dropping prize pool of around $16,800,000. Nearly half of that amount will go to first place alone as the winner will walk away with an estimated $6,000,000 as well as the coveted Super High Roller Bowl championship ring. With millions on the line, the star power will be enormous at this exclusive, one-of-a-kind event.


1 ST $6,000,000
2 ND $3,600,000
3 RD $2,400,000
4 TH $1,800,000
5 TH $1,400,000
6 TH $1,000,000
7 TH $600,000
$16,800,000 TOTAL
56 PLAYERS $300,000 BUY-IN